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Converting your garage has never been easier.

We combine designer-inspired spaces, premium materials and top-quality construction for a full-service conversion experience.


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The Studio

The One-bedroom


One Car Garage
Aprox. 250 sq. Ft
Starts at $38,500

Two Car Garage
Aprox. 400 sq. Ft
Starts at $48,500

Our stress-free proposals offer a full service. They include design, arquitectural plans, submitting permits to the city, revisions, construction materials, labor, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures & appliance installation.

When we finish the project your unit will be move-in ready.
Final pricing is subject to your garage dimensions and requirements.

What is not included in price?
Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer unit, Water Heater, AC equipment, Range, Microwave & Dishwasher.

You dont have to spend a dime to get started, or worry about a thing.

We are a General Contractor that takes care of everything you need; from design through construction. Seriously.

Our Process

These are the next steps for your garage conversion:

1. Home Consultation

We start by visiting your home, understanding what your needs are and measuring your garage space to build an accurate plan.

2. Preliminary Diagram

Based on your needs and the available space we build a preliminary diagram of what your conversion could look like.

3. Render & Pricing Estimate

After a round of revisions with you, we will finalize the diagram & build it into a render. We will send this to you with the project cost estimate

4. Design Meeting

Once we start working on your project the first step is a design meeting to pick your materials, colors and fixtures.

5. 3D Design Visualizations

After design is finalized we will build 3D photorealistic renders of your project so you’re 100% convinced of the final look and there are no surprises.

6. Drafting of Plans

With your design finished and approved our team will draft architectural and construction plans for your project.

7. Permits

With the plans ready we start the process of obtaining permits with your city. This usually takes about four weeks.

8. Construction

When permits are approved we get started on your project. A typical garage conversion takes six to eight weeks to complete.

We build with brands you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

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