Helping you get the most value from your home

About Elevate Homes

What we’re doing

At Elevate Homes we believe in helping home owners generate more value from their property by offering innovative solutions that combine construction services with financing expertise.

We focus our services on two primary client groups, home sellers who want to sell their property at the highest possible price and home owners who are looking to generate additional income from their current property.

For home sellers looking to maximize sale value we focus on providing them a full-service solution with no upfront costs. We take a risk and invest in their home to make it as competitive as possible and get the highest possible sale price.

For home owners who wish to generate additional income, we believe our service holds multiple beneficial aspects. Home owners are able to generate additional income from space that is often idle and communities in San Diego are offered additional affordable housing, which is extremely scarce today.

We believe that a large scale adoption of garage conversions is overdue to help with house affordability in this city and to increase the income of home owners.